Carles García Domingo

Storytelling = being able to transmit emotions and objectives the same way one tells a story

… generally I should say that we are looking for authenticity and differentiation.

The “storyteller’s world” has a rather negative connotation:

° storytelling is often identified with/limited to children/fairy tales

° the storyteller is also often considered as a “liar”, someone who “fools/cheats on the audience”.

The ability to present knowledge as/through a story gives better results.

For the immigrants storytelling is very important, it’s a way to integration. Other culture, religion, language = similitudes and differences. Awakes interest in other cultures.

Children/youngsters lost their capacity of abstraction and imagination…

This is where storytelling can make the difference: learn children/youngsters how to express their feelings, to be authentic!

First step in teacher training schools: learn future teachers to tell stories, to become a storyteller = fundamental, more important than some other contents.

We are asked to teach too much content: Storytelling = a transversal content; can be used in all subjects!

Here you can watch an interview with Carles Garcia Domingo.