The concrete Sheherazade project objectives are:

  1. To raise awareness of the potential of storytelling and to promote storytelling as an educational tool in different fields of formal and non formal adult education
  2. To develop new methodologies and materials for using stories and storytelling in adult teaching and learning
  3. To test these innovative approaches and new content and include them in initial and in-service teacher training courses
  4. To promote stories and storytelling as part of formal and non-formal adult training
  5. To make resources for storytelling available
  6. To introduce storytelling in formal and non-formal adult learning
  • as an effective way of active teaching and learning,
  • for strengthening a sense of identity and community,
  • to stimulate creativity
  • to stimulate independent learning skills (learning to learn)
  • to help learners to memorize and internalize language
  •  to develop listening and speaking skills (in mother tongue and foreign languages) including the key skills of performance and recital
  • to stimulate the development of reading and writing skills ( in mother tongue and foreign language)
  • to stimulate adults to express themselves and to raise their self esteem
  • to stimulate discussion and debate
  • to raise adults’ motivation for learning
  • to improve social and cultural participation of migrants, newcomers, socially deprived groups
  • as a vehicle for the intercultural dialogue and a way to connect to cultural heritage
  • as a vehicle for the inter-generational dialogue
  • as a tool for foreign language learning and an ideal promoter of multilingualism